The office of Celest R Pettijohn. Massage Therapy Reflexology in Tampa Florida.

I have been to numerous massage therapists as I suffer daily with arthritis pain.  I have stopped searching since I met Celeste.  She has the “gift of touch” that I have been unable to find elsewhere.  She instinctively gets to the troubled areas and knows precisely how to work her soothing magic.  After treatment by Celeste, I am rendered totally limp while pain and tension are significantly relieved.  Her technique and sensitivity to applying just the right pressure is seldom found with other massage therapists. It is the best investment I have ever made and I heartfully recommend that you treat yourself to the wonderful, healthful, relaxing and pain relieving treatment. 
You will be so glad you did. --



Prepare for your massage therapy treatment by drinking plenty of water and only a small amount of caffeine, if any, the day of your appointment.  Dress casually or bring something cozy to wear home.  Ask to have your neck and back wiped off with alcohol after your session if your skin has a tendency to break out.  Always drink water after a massage or reflexology. We use a light professional product for glide that is hypo-allergenic and unscented for all treatments except aromatherapy.

You are draped modestly and there is a heated softly padded table that is long and wide enough to rest on.  Our tables have adjustable head rests.  After your massage therapy session you will feel relaxed and for some also paradoxically energized.  You will feel like you have more space and see the world with new “eyes” and an open heart.

Your therapist will take a little time to show you several stretching and isometric exercises after or during your session.  Your improvement will in part depend on implementing them in to your daily routine.

Massage therapy  in Tampa Florida.


Massage Therapy is recognized to Increase circulation, Stimulate your lymph system, Relax and soften injured and overused muscles, Reduce spasms and cramps, Relieve pain from migraines, Increase joint flexibility, Reduce mental and Physical fatigue and Stress, as well as, Improve posture and Reduce blood pressure. At the Office of Celeste Petijohn we help you cleanse your spirit, clear your mind, and restore your body.

As a Natural Healthcare Practitioner we specialize in pain relief, stress reduction, and relaxation, we provide a full body massage by using our hands, and sometimes lotions, creams and some medical implements, to relieve the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints of aches, pains & stress. 

Our therapists offer our clients a professional and personalized massage experience, helping them attain and maintain health and well being. Whether you are hurting or just looking to treat yourself or a friend or loved one to a massage call now to speak with our professionals and make an appointment. 

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